We are a Midlands based practice of Land Agents, Planners and Land Promoters who specialise in providing immediate, short term and long term residential development advice to landowners across the UK.

We provide tailored development solutions to maximise our clients’ land assets. This is achieved through our unrivalled expertise that has been gained through many years of experience and reputation.

Pendimo Land + Property was established by Matt Oliver after many years of being a Land Director for the country’s second largest property agency. We are truly passionate about providing our clients with the expertise and advice that they deserve. As a smaller development consultancy we believe that we are more passionate about delivery over a national agent, simply because it means more to us.

We are a Director led business that ensures you receive the best advice possible in the most efficient and value adding way. If you have any questions, you simply call us day or night.

Government promise to build 300,000 new homes per year by mid 2020s

If you own land and think that it might have development potential – give us a call for no-obligation, confidential advice.

Send an email to info@pendimo.co.uk or call 01858 810000.