Our aim is to provide the best advice possible whilst understanding the commercial requirements that need to be achieved in any land sale.

Once planning permission has been achieved, the main objective of any landowner is to ensure that a robust, detailed and targeted sales and marketing strategy is pursued to ensure the site achieves the maximum value once sold to a housebuilder.

We pride ourselves on our ability to always exceed our clients’ expectations.

If you own land that has planning permission, call us for a confidential market appraisal.

Marketing Strategy
We will ensure that a transparent and orderly sales process is undertaken. To secure optimal value on the site, we would look at the following value enhancement strategies to enable us to ensure that all angles for value extraction have been covered. In addition, we believe that there are a number of ways in which to package the site up to take advantage of renewed optimism in the market place.

We would recommend offering the site for sale by private treaty with a full marketing strategy, which could lead to an informal tender process once we have a number of interested parties reviewing the site in detail. The informal tender process would give all parties the opportunity to bid for the site and yet focus their interest onto a specific date following a suitable due diligence period. This strategy would ensure the most competitive result. The informal nature of the tender process (as opposed to the formal tender) then allows Pendimo Land + Property Consultants to keep shortlisted parties in further competition whilst the most attractive terms are secured for you.

The benefits of a full marketing strategy as opposed to approaching a limited number of potential purchasers is that the process will guarantee that all developers are contacted ensuring that the net is cast far and wide. This also ensures that new entrants to the market are captured and developers who are out of the area.

We believe our strategy creates competitive tension, maximises value through the process, disposes of the site using a considered and rational approach, targets known requirements by the developers in the market place and, through a well managed and expedient sales process, increases the speed of a disposal process allowing a substantial capital receipt to be realised one parties have been interviewed and have submitted their 'Best and Final' financial offers

Institutions and Investors
Pendimo are regarded as specialists when it comes to development land.

We understand the different types of land transactions. Whether buying, selling or developing residential development land, agents are trusted experts in identifying new opportunities, adding value and maximising returns at every stage of the buying/selling/developing process.