Once your land has secured planning permission, your intention will be to secure the most financially attractive offer for the site.

We use our many years of expertise and knowledge of the development sector to ensure maximum value is achieved. Each site that we are instructed on we are incentivised to deliver added value. Your site means more to us as a smaller agency as we commit all of our resources to secure optimal pricing. We add real value once the developers have offered on the site. We critique their offers and challenge and question the costs that they have allowed for in their offer. We then invite the top three or four bidders to present their best and final proposals. These best and final offers are generally 20-30% higher than their original offer. This is because we create a strong competitive tension between the developers who want the site the most and thus will simply pay the most to secure it.

A successful strategic scheme would bring about a significant uplift in value. The most important element of that process is the selection of the best party to promote the site through planning. We take into account your own personal situation and tailor a marketing strategy that will deliver your financial objectives. Strategic land promotion is highly competitive and expensive. By marketing and introducing the right parties at the right time, you will stand the optimum chance of success at planning which will result in the best financial rewards once sold.

If you wish to pursue the promotion of the site yourselves, then we can help with that as well. Once a strategy has been agreed we project manage the promotion, assemble the planning team and all of the relevant consultants required to give the site the very best chance of securing an allocation or planning permission. We then market the site once planning has been achieved.

In all of these scenarios our objectives are aligned with yours, which is to add value and maximise the financial return to you, our client.