Once planning permission has been achieved, the main objective of any landowner is to ensure that a robust, detailed and targeted sales and marketing strategy is pursued to ensure the site achieves its maximum value.

We pride ourselves on our ability to always exceed our clients’ expectations. We ensure that a transparent, orderly and expedient sales process is undertaken.

This process ensures that the premium value for the site is achieved whilst managing the process in a timely and process driven manner.

What you will get from us:

  • Collation and confirmation of interest parties
  • A targeted marketing approach to all potential developers, investors and agents
  • Preparation of the site for a full and open marketing campaign
  • Creation of a data centre for technical information which ensures that all due diligence has been considered by the bidding housebuilder
  • Liaison on site with interested parties to establish further technical questions and queries
  • Acting as the day to day interface with all enquiries both technical and legal
  • Liaison with the client on all offers and their constitutionality and risk profile
  • Provide detailed critique of all offers received and raise queries based on coverage, overages, conditions and abnormal costs
  • Request of best and final offers
  • Further bid analysis and selection of preferred bidder
  • Review of legal documentation and contract negotiations including producing detailed Heads of Terms
  • Land sale completion and the landowner receiving their capital receipt.

Please contact us in confidence if you would like to discuss your land in greater detail on 01858 810000 or email info@pendimo.co.uk