A straight land sale after planning has been achieved isn’t always the best option for a landowner. We are able to provide advice on the following:

Collaboration Agreements
Formalises the relationships between our landowner clients and neighbouring strategic landowners.
The agreement sets out the rights and obligations of each participant and is normally used to efficiently bring forward a large site controlled by various parties. This ensures all parties work together to deliver a common goal of delivery.
Build Licenses
This is when a landowner has secured planning permission and gives permission for a developer to come onto the site, put in the services and roads and build the new homes.
The developer and the landowner then share a percentage of the income derived from the profit and assumed land value.
Brownfield v Greenfield
Greenfield sites are undeveloped and mostly vacant land parcels that afford a blank canvas approach to potential builds.
The scheme can be built around physical constraints such as flood zones, varying ground levels or the site's classification - for example, greenbelts, coastal protection zones or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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